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Learning to be boundaried after a lifetime of not having been can be a huge challenge. It's by no means all plain sailing. For many of us, the change it calls for in us can be too intimidating - to suddenly begin standing up for ourselves is daunting. In this little video, I share a particularly amazing benefit of doing all that scary hard work. [More ..]
Are you ready to show up? You may have heard me talk about personal boundaries - Powerful Personal Boundaries to be specific .. and there's something you should know. Knowing you need them is a BIG step; a big awakening in so many ways .. [More ..]
It's now beginning to be recognised in the medical profession that there is a definite correlation between how we take care of our emotional needs and feelings (or not!) and the efficiency of the immune system. Good personal boundaries have been likened to the immune system in that both perform a similar role - if you like; keeping out the bad guys and protecting the self from 'invasion'. I share here some of the ways I  [More ..]
Did you know there's an extremely good probability that you are an enabler? Ouch! Not a comforting thought huh? But get this .. Once you see how this is true .. you are perfectly positioned to change it .. and change your life! Have a listen ..  [More ..]



10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End Coercive Control & Abuse For Good

A Clarion Call To Women Across The Globe to Step Into Their Power & Reclaim Personal Sovereignty In Their Relationdships With Men!
of the utterly life & relationship transforming book for Women
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