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Are you in a Toxic Relationship?

If your relationship leaves you feeling hurt, confused or bad about yourself more often than it brings you joy - it may be that it's controlling & abusive

If that's what's going on for you, you're about as far from alone as you could possibly imagine!

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Millions of women the world over suffer devastating coercive control & domestic abuse on a daily basis

And shockingly, in amongst the horrifying statistics are untold numbers of women whose self-confidence has been so chipped away and their self-esteem brought so low over time in their relationships .. yet they don't even realise that what they are experiencing is in fact

A common reason why this slips under the radar is because they're being 'gas-lighted':

'you're imagining things'
'you just take everything too personally'
'I didn't say that'
'I don't mean any harm'
'there's something wrong with you'
'it's just a bit of banter'
'you're just being a drama queen'
.. and so on

In other words ..
it has become a 'normal' part of daily life!


The culture that raised men to think abusive language & behaviour is the way men are supposed to behave - especially toward women!

We're not talking run of the mill couple spats, or 'typical' relationship disagreements such as 'all couples have' from time to time, but a systematic form of behaviour used by one person toward another that is sometimes subtle, sometimes not so much, but always intentionally manipulative & damaging .. to undermine the other and maintain control in the relationship!

Pretty insidious, right?

Download a FREE AUDIO copy of THE STRAIGHT TALK - tap this link 

Domestic abuse comes in many forms .. including name-calling, criticism, put downs & insults; minimising, ridiculing, dismissing & treating you as less important than him, invalidating you; not allowing you an opinion; using sexual coercion; being  unfaithful; verbal bullying, yelling & swearing at you, giving you the silent treatment; 'punishing' you for things he invented in his head - irrational jealousy, making unfounded accusations; financial control - claiming family income as his own, making you have to ask for money; withholding love & affection; not contributing equally to domestic responsibilities, parenting/childcare, creating a good relationship; not caring about your feelings or needs, allowing you no privacy, being cold & remote; curtailing your freedom, 'monitoring' & micro-managing your life, demanding you explain where you've been & with whom, isolating you from your family & friends; using emotional manipulation/blackmail; making threats [overt or implied]; damaging your things or hurting your pets; bad-mouthing you ..

and that's just for starters .. before we even address the most outwardly obvious types of abuse, ie: the physical kind

which includes such crimes as sexual assault, rape & other forms of domestic violence that leave thousands of women every year severely traumatised; wounded; scarred; with permanent life-altering injuries .. or even dead!

Don't be one of them!

Download a FREE AUDIO copy of THE STRAIGHT TALK - tap this link 

Believe it or not No 1: Despite the pain & devastation of living with any or all of the above, millions of women spend YEARS going through it before they realise some really important things:
a) that they have power within them to change their lives;
b) that they have a right to;
c) that with the correct support, they can learn how to make sure they never again end up in the same situation with another partner (which is what literally millions of women do!);
d) that they can learn HOW to rebuild shattered self-esteem, find the self-respect/value/belief and unshakable confidence that life hadn't equipped them with before; and
e) that they can find joy, freedom and true happiness - often for the first time ever!

Believe it or not No 2: Coercive & Controlling Behaviour is now also considered a criminal offence!

Believe it or not No 3: you have something NOBODY can control
[without your cooperation]

and you can utilise it .. with a few fairly simple refinements & the right support & encouragement .. to break free of the trap of coercive control & domestic abuse


Download a
of the resource that is inspiring millions of women around the world to take that all important first step, ie: to finally acknowledge it to themselves that what they are experiencing is abuse and why they simply MUST do something about it if they are ever to create freedom from the daily trauma and reclaim their passion for life with ..

TST Cover Screenshot [Dec 21].png

This is such a compelling and profoundly important piece of work .. and you can find out how it could set you on the path to freedom from abuse, for good ..
for FREE!

Read what other women just like you have had to say ..

Testimonials for The Straight Talk

The usual cost of this powerful material at a live deep-dive training event delivered over 3 days in a group setting is £550 per person. You can get hold of a FREE AUDIO COPY of this perception-shifting eBook today by tapping the link, entering your email and selecting 'Download Audio'

So why put your trust in me?

WHO I AM!!_edited.png

Trish Brennan

Chief Trainer & CEO
Leading Edge Communication

I've been there, as have many women I know and have known personally; all of the clients I've worked with on the Everything Changed course; many who have also participated in the Badass Boundaries Coaching Programme and many members of my training, coaching & mentoring team!

After finally making my own break with an abusive relationship, I made it my mission to 1) make sure I didn't find myself in that situation again and to
2) support other women in reclaiming and stepping into their power to break the cycle once and for all.

I do this through my company


Assertiveness, Boundary Setting, Confidence, Communication &  Relationship Training, Mentoring & Personal Development for Women

Living with abusive behaviour is not only degrading and incredibly destructive to your peace of mind, your spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical wellbeing [as well as that of any children you may have] but also to every single outcome you experience in your life. Yet once you know how to do communication better, and learn how to reclaim you absolute authenticity - which includes honouring your own needs, expressing your feelings assertively, setting good boundaries and a few other simple yet highly effective methodologies - you'll be amazed at the profound effect these basics will have on your life and every relationship in it!

The best news of all is that once you master these things, you'll never look back .. and you'll never cooperate with abusive and controlling behaviour from other people who haven't learned the art of relating from a space of respect and equality again.


Download your

The Straight Talk
 Here Today

& Start Taking Back Control of YOUR Precious Life!

I promise you, if you're affected by abuse,
past or present ..

This Will Be
The Best Thing You Ever Did
For Yourself!

Download a FREE AUDIO copy of THE STRAIGHT TALK - tap this link 

Tap to enter your email address; you'll then receive an email with the link to the download page to access your Audio copy of The Straight Talk in less than a minute

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