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So why put your trust in me?

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Trish Brennan

Chief Trainer & CEO
Leading Edge Communication

I've been there, as have many women I know and have known personally; all of the clients I've worked with on the Everything Changed course; many who have also participated in the Badass Boundaries Coaching Programme and many members of my training, coaching & mentoring team!

After finally making my own break with an abusive relationship, I made it my mission to 1) make sure I didn't find myself in that situation again and to
2) support other women in reclaiming and stepping into their power to break the cycle once and for all.

I do this through my company


Assertiveness, Boundary Setting, Confidence, Communication &  Relationship Training, Mentoring & Personal Development for Women

Living with abusive behaviour is not only degrading and incredibly destructive to your peace of mind, your spiritual, emotional, psychological and even physical wellbeing [as well as that of any children you may have] but also to every single outcome you experience in your life. Yet once you know how to do communication better, and learn how to reclaim you absolute authenticity - which includes honouring your own needs, expressing your feelings assertively, setting good boundaries and a few other simple yet highly effective methodologies - you'll be amazed at the profound effect these basics will have on your life and every relationship in it!

The best news of all is that once you master these things, you'll never look back .. and you'll never cooperate with abusive and controlling behaviour from other people who haven't learned the art of relating from a space of respect and equality again.


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