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How To Change The Game is THE ‘go-to’ manual for empowering every woman to:


* break away from coercive control, oppression & abuse


* recognise unconscious patterns & learn new, assertive & more empowering behaviours so that she need never again be at the mercy of feelings of lack of self-worth, responsibility to 'save' an abuser or that almost irresistible 'bad-boy' pull back to relationships that can bring a self-respecting woman to her knees.


* rebuild rock solid self-esteem & confidence to transform relationships - including that most important one of all - with oneself as well as with overbearing parents, difficult siblings, challenging children; self-absorbed friends; toxic work colleagues or manipulative and/or violent intimate partners


The book provides 10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End Coercive Control & Abuse For Good in a straight-forward, easy to follow process that is utterly life-transforming!


This book is the resource that women, who have for too long been traumatised by misogyny, have been crying out for; the ‘how to’ find the strength & determination to overcome the confusion, the self-doubt & the physical, emotional & psychological exhaustion of an abusive & controlling relationship to find her way back to herself.

How To Change The Game