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Personal Boundaries

Learning to be boundaried after a lifetime of not having been can be a huge challenge. It's by no means all plain sailing. For many of us, the change it calls for in us can be too intimidating - to suddenly begin standing up for ourselves is daunting. In this little video, I share a particularly amazing benefit of doing all that scary hard work. [More ..]
Are you ready to show up? You may have heard me talk about personal boundaries - Powerful Personal Boundaries to be specific .. and there's something you should know. Knowing you need them is a BIG step; a big awakening in so many ways .. [More ..]
It's now beginning to be recognised in the medical profession that there is a definite correlation between how we take care of our emotional needs and feelings (or not!) and the efficiency of the immune system. Good personal boundaries have been likened to the immune system in that both perform a similar role - if you like; keeping out the bad guys and protecting the self from 'invasion'. I share here some of the ways I  [More ..]
Did you know there's an extremely good probability that you are an enabler? Ouch! Not a comforting thought huh? But get this .. Once you see how this is true .. you are perfectly positioned to change it .. and change your life! Have a listen ..  [More ..]


Everything Changed

Yikes! I've held off from this! Been putting it off for too long. I used to believe that it wasn't necessary to focus on my story in the work that I do because, well, isn't the work I do about focussing on other people?  I've come to recognise that people want to know who you are; what your values and principles are; why you do what you do and [More ..]
Oh Boy! This was a tough one. Warning - there were tears! I shared recently some of my own story around why I do the work I do - especially with women; to empower and support them in making a stand against domestic abuse and the macho behaviour of so many men, and how to leave it behind. I talk about the difficulty of raising my sons in an abusive marriage, trying to remain 'real' about what they were witnessin [More ..]
A short introduction to this life-transforming 10 week course. For anyone who has struggled (or still is) with abusive behaviour of others in their lives (domestic abuse / abuse in childhood / familial abuse / abusive friendships or workplace relationships) .. the EVERYTHING CHANGED course will change, well, everything! This is a deep work but utterly empowering course that will  [More ..]
If you know anything at all about domestic abuse, you know that it causes incalculable damage to those affected by it: not just those being abused directly but any children who are having to witness the terror of it .. and the close relatives and friends who know it's going on but feel powerless to intervene.  [More ..]
An exploration around communication and our willingness to come to the table in our truth. How many of us hear ourselves saying 'I feel misunderstood'? A high proportion of us, I imagine! And yet, most of us balk at the idea of communicating our 'real' and prefer instead to wear a mask to protect our vulnerabilities, insecurities and fears. So are we willing to take the mask off and risk being seen? [More ..]
Interesting journey unfolding just now for me around my specialist subject of Communication. But hey, isn't this ever the only way to learn - on the uncomfortable leading edge of our own experience? Digging in today to the ways we may be closing one another down with our conditioned expectations rather than opening one another up to become all they each of us has the potential to be?  [More ..]
About a question put to me by a man today .. 'Do you think that maybe men need empowering too; that so many men are struggling with the social expectations placed upon them?'  [More ..]
A provocative question, no? You might be thinking .. are you kidding me? I get treated so badly by my other half and you want to call it a game?? I hear you. Really I do. That was me too! I simply could not get my head around the notion that I was playing my own part in the game that hurt me so deeply and for so many years. I felt powerless .. like the only things open to me was to keep appealing; reaching out [More ..]
The phrase 'holding space' has become fairly well understood, especially among women friends as we become gradually more in touch with supporting one another in self-expression. However, there's long been a tradition of it being considered selfish to focus on ourselves as women and in among all the busyness of raising our families, holding down a job, looking after the home and everyone else, it can induce such [More ..]
A look at how putting compassion for the man beneath domestic abuse ahead of compassion for self is an expression of lack of self-love  [More ..]
A short video about the journey back to our true power as women  [More ..]
A brief background of the I Can Change Everything: Turning Away From Coercive Control & Abuse private Facebook group. The group is a safe space for people who have joined the course and for others who have and/or are experiencing domestic abuse and coercive control. [More ..]


'Toxic' Masculinity, Relationships, Motherhood, Compassion & More

A short video on why we MUST keep this conversation going! My question is: when so many of us have to witness the terrible initiation of our precious, beloved sons via the emotional castration inflicted onto their beautiful, pure, feeling & sensitive souls at the behest of the out of control monster called patriarchy, but oft referred to as 'toxic masculinity' - can we allow the uncomfortable discussion about this subject [More ..]
A discussion about the true 'toxic' and why we simply must address it and stop enabling it (ie: by remaining in intimate relationship with it). I share a personal story of something that happened to my then 16 year old son (age mixed up when relating the story) at the hands of a grown and angry man and how this was a catalyst in my own struggle with machismo and rage in my marriage, which ultimately ended in divor. [More ..]
Mothers of boys often hit a deeply unsettling phase of the formerly close and loving relationship they shared with their sons when they hit their teens. It can be so painful and confusing if you aren't aware it's coming and what's actually happening. This video will reassure you that it's all normal and discusses the changing role and responsibilities of Mums of teenage boys and why boys need men. [More ..]
About a question put to me by a man today .. 'Do you think that maybe men need empowering too; that so many men are struggling with the social expectations placed upon them?'  [More ..]



10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End Coercive Control & Abuse For Good

A Clarion Call To Women Across The Globe to Step Into Their Power & Reclaim Personal Sovereignty In Their Relationdships With Men!
of the utterly life & relationship transforming book for Women
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