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A short video on why we MUST keep this conversation going! My question is: when so many of us have to witness the terrible initiation of our precious, beloved sons via the emotional castration inflicted onto their beautiful, pure, feeling & sensitive souls at the behest of the out of control monster called patriarchy, but oft referred to as 'toxic masculinity' - can we allow the uncomfortable discussion about this subject [More ..]
A discussion about the true 'toxic' and why we simply must address it and stop enabling it (ie: by remaining in intimate relationship with it). I share a personal story of something that happened to my then 16 year old son (age mixed up when relating the story) at the hands of a grown and angry man and how this was a catalyst in my own struggle with machismo and rage in my marriage, which ultimately ended in divor. [More ..]
Mothers of boys often hit a deeply unsettling phase of the formerly close and loving relationship they shared with their sons when they hit their teens. It can be so painful and confusing if you aren't aware it's coming and what's actually happening. This video will reassure you that it's all normal and discusses the changing role and responsibilities of Mums of teenage boys and why boys need men. [More ..]
About a question put to me by a man today .. 'Do you think that maybe men need empowering too; that so many men are struggling with the social expectations placed upon them?' [More ..]



10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End Coercive Control & Abuse For Good

A Clarion Call To Women Across The Globe to Step Into Their Power & Reclaim Personal Sovereignty In Their Relationdships With Men!
of the utterly life & relationship transforming book for Women
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