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How To Take This Course

The course is currently delivered in person via Zoom, either:

  • individually [1-2-1 mentoring through the course] or

  • in groups of between 8 + 12 women [fantastic for emotional & moral support with others on the same journey]

Please Note: Self-led online is coming soon, so please contact us if you'd like to find out more about this.

See 'Testimonials for Everything Changed' to see how other participants have greatly benefited through both 1-2-1 and group coaching HERE.

Impact of this Course

We are recording Self-Assessment score increases of between 100 + 220 points (out of a possible 520) among participants who have completed this programme. The Self-Assessment measures Confidence, Assertiveness, Resilience, Capability, Self-Awareness: such things as levels of optimism; self-esteem; confidence to implement positive change; commitment to self-care and other significant aspects of life-satisfaction. These assessments are self-completed prior to starting and on completion of the programme.

If you’re in or have been in a relationship with a dominant and controlling man, then you know only too well the many ways this undermines the quality of your life, your peace of mind, your feelings of stability, your happiness and your self-esteem; possibly your personal safety and/or that of children or pets .. or it may even be a danger to your life!

People who have never experienced a relationship where abusive patterns of behaviour systematically damage almost every area of your life don’t always get it – why you stay and how you end up feeling so trapped – when all you have to do is leave, right?


Those of us who have experienced it, or who still do today, know that it’s a very complex, traumatising and difficult situation to extricate oneself from, and for a great many reasons, and so it can be hard to turn to the people closest to us in searching for the support we need.

However, all is most definitely not lost. You just have to know where to look, without ‘losing face’, being ‘exposed’ to people who may not know what is going on at home, being judged in some way inadequate or being labelled a victim – the last things one needs when one’s self-esteem is already on the floor.


10 Keys To Reclaim Your Power In Relationships

& Build Rock Solid Self-Esteem



will help you to change your life. It is a Women’s Confidence & Relationship Empowerment Course – a 10 step programme that will show you how to change your situation.

This is a 10 Module course, delivered over 12 sessions or online via Zoom (or at your own pace via our Online Training Academy (coming soon: please connect with us via the Contact page to find out more about this.)

You’ll learn the 10 immensely powerful steps that you can take to reclaim your power in your relationships, beginning this very day.

Want to Reclaim Your Power in Intimate Relationships?
Do you long to have the confidence to leave an abusive relationship?
Is your self-esteem shattered following abuse?
Would you love to have us hold your hand as you take the difficult steps
back to your joy, freedom & happiness?

Watch the videos below to see why
will empower you to
Reclaim Your Life like no other programme!
(Abuse in the Family playing now (tap 'play' on Mobile devices) - scroll down to watch / pause or stop to watch Abuse in a Couple only Relationship Video)
Everything Changed
You'll learn to communicate self-assurance in subtle & powerful ways to become congruent in your whole communication
You'll develop deep insights into your
unconscious patterns to create profound & lasting change & boost your self-esteem
You'll become empowered to believe in yourself so you never again tolerate abuse


10 Keys To Reclaim Your Power In Relationships

& Build Rock Solid Self-Esteem

The UK's Leading Women's Confidence & Relationship Empowerment Course

In Case You Missed the Everything Changed Videos or Need a Reminder of What It's Costing You to Remain in an Abusive Relationship ..

Family Traumatised By Abusive & Dominant Male Behaviour?

Do You Live With Abusive & Controlling Male Behaviour? 

For Organisations / Schools
To find out more or discuss how the
Everything Changed
course could fit into your provision

Please Note: The ‘Everything Changed’ course and the companion book 'How To Change The Game' were written to empower women who are either experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse at the hands of men and who want to change their own patterns so that they are empowered to change or leave such relationships behind for good. Statistically, the number of cases of male on female domestic abuse remain higher than other partner combinations and the language used reflects this. However, the 10 Keys and the principles discussed can be applied in cases where men are experiencing abusive behaviour patterns from female partners; and to the LBGT community. Please enquire if you have an interest in running this programme within these frameworks.

The programme can also be delivered to teenage girls.



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