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Testimonials for

How To Change The Game

Patricia Mayborne
Patricia participated in the
Everything Changed course & then worked through the accompanying book
'How To Change The Game'
[read her written testimonial for the book directly below, & more about the combined effect of completing the course & reading the book here]

Wow! I have just finished reading How To Change The Game and although I have completed the 'Everything Changed' course (this book is the course companion), seeing it all written down in book form has had a tremendous impact - so much so that I found myself 'doing the work' all over again last night!

I love the Author's down-to earth, warm and humourous approach. Her empathy comes through in every line, but with eminent practicality and without a grain of sentimentality. It feels as if she is walking alongside the reader, holding their hand, having a heart-to-heart, getting to the bottom of things and not taking any excuses - with nothing but her very best interests at heart. The level of encouragement that she offers with her repeated assurances and reminders is so warm and so necessary for anyone who is in emotional trauma.

What I love about the style of writing is that it is so accessible. The Author uses the minimum of terminology and yet it is still clear that she absolutely knows what she is talking about. She is not seeking to dazzle with psycho-babble but to genuinely establish a connection.

Things get especially real in Chapter 8: I love the way the Author is ready with an answer for every well-worn excuse that can be trotted out - lovingly bringing the reader back to a recognition of the work that must be done in order to heal and evolve. I don't think anyone could read this book and not be affected by it, even if they hadn't personally been affected by abusive relationships, as it gives such an accurate insight into the dynamic behind such relationships and how it feels to experience this.

Somehow the Author manages never to come across as judgmental, which is a triumph. What is clear is her passionate level of caring for the future of humanity and the planet.


I haven't read anything of this calibe on this subject anywhere else. There is a very well-known book for anxiety sufferers written 40 years ago by a woman called Dr Claire Weekes and Trish's work reminds me of it - in the tone of understanding and empathy and clear, simple steps that she gives to climb out of what seems to be a bottomless pit. I really mean it when I say how much I wish I had come across something like this years ago, when I was desperately trying to make sense of my own situation. I think this could literally be a life saver.

Patricia Mayborne, UK

Essential relationship reading. Our lives are most impacted by our closest folk. Partners, children and family .. and yet so many patterns continue when understanding could be a ‘game changer’! Sincere respect for this work as a solid yet easily understood ‘aha’ moment to so much. Buy it NOW. Share with your social community, teachers and friends. Let us disrupt centuries of behind the scenes disharmony and socially torn fabric. An Oscar award book in my opinion!!!!


Cheryl Reum, South Aprica

Hi Trish. I downloaded your book last week to read on holiday. I only got a few pages in and felt I had found the reason I was meant to read it. A few words in a book have never resonated with me as much as yours did. Thank you so much.

Lynne F, UK

(Hearts) for your amazing book. It is a blessing. I haven't even finished it yet but that is what I know.


You are a life saver with your work - creating and weaving a better place to be a woman and a man and a child in this world with your love and immense compassion for all of us. My partner and myself are reading your book to each other and we have both cried. We recognise the truth in it; so honestly and deeply written. Your book honours all women, all men - and all children and young people.


Your work is vital.

Patricia Hensey, Dorset, UK

This book is a fabulous resource for anyone stuck in a relationship that is not to their liking. I wish it had been around 33 years ago when I was stuck in a marriage that had turned sour.


She writes in such a way that you know full well that she totally understands what you are going through and is walking the path alongside you until you are ready to walk it on your own.


If you yourself, or anyone you know, could use help to escape from or turn round an unhealthy relationship this book is thoroughly recommended.


Thanks for caring dear Trish. 

Mrs Joyce M. Shalcross, UK

Simple and easy to understand. Well recommended for those who want tools for awareness and their own self evolvement. 

Mrs Patricia Cherry

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