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10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End

Coercive Control & Abuse For Good

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This book is a companion to


10 Keys To Reclaim Your Power In Relationships

& Build Rock Solid Self-Esteem


A 10 week Women's Confidence & Relationship Empowerment Course

This Book is for you if you want to:

Develop a much more positive self-image

Sky-rocket your confidence

Move away from manipulative, controlling & abusive behaviour

Understand & master your unconscious patterns to create lasting change

Learn how to communicate self-assurance & self-respect without even speaking

Create & set clear boundaries to improve all of your relationships

Take ownership of your power in relationships & create true equality

Re-define the acceptable terms of relationship for you

Massively increase your self-belief

Become empowered to create positive changes in all areas of your life

Supplement & deepen your learning on the everything changed course



How To Change The Game

‘A down-to-earth, warm and humorous approach. It feels as if the Author is walking alongside the reader, holding her hand, having a heart to heart, getting to the bottom of things and not taking any excuses - with nothing but her very best interests at heart. She is ready with an answer for every well-worn excuse that can be trotted out - lovingly bringing the reader back to a recognition of the work that must be done in order to heal and evolve. I don’t think anyone could read HOW TO CHANGE THE GAME and not be affected by it, even if they haven’t personally been affected by abuse, as it gives such an accurate insight into the dynamic behind coercive relationships and how it feels to experience this. l haven’t read anything of this calibre on this subject anywhere else. Simple steps to climb out of what seems to be a bottomless pit. l think this could literally be a life saver.’


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10 Simple & Powerful Keys To End Coercive Control & Abuse For Good

A Clarion Call To Women Across The Globe to Step Into Their Power & Reclaim Personal Sovereignty In Their Relationdships With Men!
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Please Note: The ‘How To Change The Game’ book was written to empower women who are either experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse at the hands of men and who want to change their own patterns so that they are empowered to change or leave such relationships behind for good. Statistically, the number of cases of male on female domestic abuse remain higher than other partner combinations and the language used reflects this. However, the 10 Keys and the principles discussed can be applied in cases where men are experiencing abusive behaviour patterns from female partners; and to the LBGT community.

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