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Badass Boundaries

(Formerly Powerful Personal Boundaries)

This was SUPER. The timing was SO spot on . This is EXACTLY what I needed. To be honest, I am in a very challenging time in my life. I came to the conclusion that the reason for this was that I had not set CLEAR boundaries in my life.

Michelle Purcell, Copenhagen

Having attended the introduction to the Powerful Personal Boundaries course, watched Trish Brennan's videos, and read her writings and posts, I just want to say that, if you need to work on your Personal Boundaries, and are looking for understanding, guidance and support, Trish is your #1 go-to person. She has a great deal of personal experience, and exceptional insights. She is sensitive and empathic, but straight-talking and very wise. Trish will empower you in ways you had not imagined possible

Steffie Betts, Durban

I contacted Trish because I recognised her authority in the area of boundaries and I wanted her to work with my daughter while she was here with me and before she went back to the USA. I am so grateful that I can use her services again soon with my young Grandson who has just been traumatised by an accident, to help him navigate some potential issues. I am actually going to give the (Powerful Personal Boundaries) course as a gift to friends and family members who would benefit from having someone to help them to create healthy boundaries (with training that also helps with the) development of self-respect in a world where the message seems to be that there are no boundaries. I envision the work Trish does as something that crosses age, gender and socio-economic divides. I highly recommend her work.

Ellen Currie, UK

I’d always been a ‘Yes Girl.’ And while I’ve been working on that over the past year, I didn’t really feel like I had much direction on where I’d like to change. Or how to do it. It was kind of a confusing journey, at times. The Leading Edge Powerful Personal Boundaries course has helped me to understand more fully how to be clear with myself and to communicate that clarity to others. Trish Brennan's wisdom and openness especially have helped me to dive a little deeper and to see things a little differently. I started with understanding of what a happy life looks like to me and an understanding of how I want to be treated. From there I explored my treatment of others ... what feels clean to me and what powerful kindness is. I’ve since written a personal mantra to live by, and I’m working on my own list of Golden Rules: The Adult Woman’s Version. I’d recommend this course to anyone struggling with establishing boundaries in their relationships or not honoring themselves with healthy boundaries.

Dawn Elizabeth, USA

So comprehensive and a lot in the Course. I found it extremely useful and will definitely go through it again.

Christina Jackson, UK

Thank you so much for a great Course. Wow, that's some work you've put into the subject. Deep bow my friend!

Jools L Williams, UK

This Taster Workshop is wonderful. Thank you so much Trish. Lots to digest and lots seen (in the Taster Workshop) that is miles better than was available years ago!

Debi Richens, UK

Thank you for your lovely workshop and the gentle space you held. Also for your sharing, because in that I was able to see some connections for me. It all makes so much sense. No matter how much we work through the sinewy path to our soul, there is always something. We can always learn and I did. And you dear Trish were a delight to meet. I was also lucky with the fellow women who joined us. Look out for Trish's Boundaries work! Dx

Dale Darley, Wales

I felt fortunate to attend your boundaries Taster Workshop as it was in demand. It felt important to attend. You do come across as knowing your stuff Trish. Anyone who comes across you and your service is in for a treat. Info and help to change habits.

Sundy Gilchrist, UK, Healing Parents of Estranging Adult Children

Thanks so much Trish. Definitely a valuable Workshop for me.

Allison Steedman, South Africa

I did this course with Trish Brennan. Very professional & informative.

Lynda Thomas, UK

I had no idea when I took Trish Brennan's Powerful Personal Boundaries course how empowering and useful it would be. Shortly afterwards, I faced a situation that required me to address something that had been ongoing for a while which arose because I had not been clear with my boundaries. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to stand in my power, clearly face the emotional blackmail and finally resolve the situation. Many thanks, Trish.

Erica Longdon, UK

Trish has an in depth understanding of all the personal boundaries that can be worked on, established and enforced in your life.

Alison Penny, UK

It helped lots. I've just come out of an abusive relationship. I wish I'd found your work sooner!


This was awesome!! Thanks so much Trish. Very helpful and very interesting.


Sundy's Having Fun With Boundaries Train

Loved my Boundaries course with Trish Brennan. After doing the Boundaries Taster Workshop, I see this course as an investment in myself. I’ve just completed the 6 weeks training. Right from the start I noticed how the opportunities in real life started to appear (maybe they’d been there all the time and I’d just sidestepped them?!) So I got the theory from Trish and then the practicals kept appearing. I've found the information really useful to see where and what I can do to bring some honouring of myself into my life. With her compassionate support I've risked making some adjustments and while it's not been easy, I do see that to allow people to treat me unkindly is not good for anyone. It took me ages to see, learn and then practice doing it differently (and to realise that) if you 'block' them (whoever they are), you lose the 'learning material' to practice not giving your power and energy away. This course is JUST what this is all about - learning new ways to deal with old and repeating relationship patters. I noticed how my language and phrasing started to change and how the feelings in my body showed me clearly when a boundary had been crossed. I got brave and heard myself saying no, and on one occasion saying “I feel I was treated unkindly and unfairly and I wouldn’t want that to happen again” and in turn, I'm learning to respect and honour other people's boundaries. On the course there was time to share and discuss and each week we were given a boundary step to study and practice. It was fun and informative, and felt safe and supportive too. Thanks Trish.

Sundy Gilchrist, Healing Parents Coach, Estranging Adult Children

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 17.21.35.png

Thank you Trish for allowing me this final catch up on the Powerful Personal Boundaries course so that I could complete it. I have a new found confidence in keeping my boundaries in place that I hadn't realised were so fragile. You have shown me how to be aware of those boundaries and how to strengthen them so that I don't have to feel brave at speaking up for myself anymore. I now feel more confident about stating my case, being more assertive about what I will accept in life and being clear about how it will happen. It is a sense of freedom that I am truly appreciating.

Debi Richens, UK

The Boundaries Taster Workshop was a very interesting and beneficial interaction and I applaud the work, knowledge and passion of Trish Brennan. She is authentic and deeply passionate about what she does. As a very unfettered free spirit, she did get me thinking about a lot of avenues to confirm a lifestyle where my own needs as well as those of everyone else I encounter are met. This is a life vocation for her. She applies herself zealously to the greater good of her clients.


A particularly fascinating subject covered by Trish is Ghosting - where she explores the need to conclude relationships in a positive way. I found this most useful and a concept which was previously unexplored for me. One of many strings to her wisdom quiver of arrows for sharpened living. Bravo!

Cheryl Reum, Serial Entrepreneur, Director Principal, Design Property Group, South Africa

I was fortunate enough to experience a Boundaries Taster Session with Trish Brennan recently, and enjoyed it very much. Trish speaks in warm but measured tones, and from the heart; she is passionate about our need for boundaries in the human condition, but brings a sense of calm to reflections on this topic. I found the session helpful in understanding where I am in the process of building healthy boundaries, and how this serves not only myself, but my child as well. I would recommend working with Trish to anyone searching for a deeper understanding of what boundaries look like, and how we might implement them in one's life.

Joli, Reiki Master Practitioner, UK

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