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The Straight Talk

I am simply unable to put in words fully the impact of The Straight Talk, but I will certainly try! I have a very long and complicated past that is interwoven with domestic abuse and violence - and my own acceptance of it. I married into this not only once, but twice. You simply cannot expect change to occur by sheer will. You must take back your own power, and that is what this ebook demonstrates so powerfully. It speaks powerful truth, and from a true source of love. I believe fully that the writer's message and truth will inspire a change so needed in our world. Thank you deeply.

Linda Kornblum, Tennessee, USA

I just read The Straight Talk. WOW! What I loved about it is that it spoke up for ME. The Author nailed it completely. What a gift.

L Hill, Durham, UK

What I have just read is stunning. It is powerful and impactful - a wonderful book that I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to be deeply touched by. My partner Doug and I both got so much from this.

Jill Clarke, Australia

This was incredible! I've never come across such a vivid and sensitive portrayal of the suffering so many women have experienced under this brutish patriarchy. I found myself nodding over and over, saying "yes, yes!" This is really great! I can't wait to hear and read more from this writer! The world needs to hear her message, delivered through such beautifully crafted words.

Robin Jacobs, UK

Thanks for this wonderful piece of writing on such a sensitive subject.

Jacqueline Turnbull, UK

Wow! That’s so powerful! Brilliant. A very moving piece.

Hilary Stringer, Leychert, France

Oh Goodness, thank you. I just really wanted to say how utterly amazing I found this. It's not like I don't know the theory, but there was something about the way the writer put it and hearing it from her this way that let it sink in in such a profound way, so thank very, very much.

Lolly V Westgate, UK

WOW! This is exceptionally powerful! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

Steffie Betts, Durban, South Africa

Thank you so much for your deeply moving writing. So important that all women and men can get access to this message. I have gone through this personally. You touched my heart.

Patricia Hensey, Dorset, UK

Such powerful stuff, beautifully expressed. Speak out, speak on, your voice so needs to be heard – by men as well as women. Thank you for representing so many of us for whom this territory is all too horribly familiar. Thank you so much for your deeply moving writing. So important that all women and men can get access to this message. I have gone through this personally. You touched my heart.

Deb Steele, UK

Holy moly! I'm blown away. Speechless.

J Lopez, US

There can’t be a better description of a woman under siege. I love that this makes us understand that we have the power to change everything in our lives and that life can be way better than with an abuser only if we love ourselves enough to do the work required. This is an eye opener so desperately needed by women across the world. All women need to read this whether in intimate relationships or not. I had once thought my marriage was great, only now after leaving it do I realise the true coercive nature of that relationship. This is a gift to all sisters. Good job is an understatement. This has blown me away.


Catherine Opondo, Canada

Let me congratulate me on a beautiful piece of writing. I found this quite moving.

Jean Macdonald, UK

This is wonderful. The sense of utter exhaustion and demoralised and crushed defeat for those suffering not only physical, but constant mental abuse, is so well-encapsulated - painfully portrayed - as it needs to be. Heartfelt and speaks in a voice that will resonate for so many women.


I particularly liked the passage where the author speaks to those who are ready to "stop trying to fix" it, as implicitly, this speaks to and encourages those who are not quite ready, but are moving there - and indeed, will be strengthened in this process by reading this insightful description of a relationship which harms, supposedly in the name of romantic love.


Also, very much liked that this spoke of a woman's fears and hopes for her own son and around the other men in her life, her world. What an amazing ability the author has to be incisive - so clear and powerful with words and truths, and yet also gentle, calm and inviting. Yes, putting our stakes in the ground!

Eve Day, Australia

I'm hooked! The author's writing is passionate, your knowledge vast. This is inviting and soothing; such profound sight and understanding, will now be accepted. I believe the time has come for these truths to be accepted. This is such a valuable piece of work that should be kept in a very special place where women can access this beautiful supportive writing.

J Williams, UK

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