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Testimonials for

Everything Changed

Catherine Opondo
Catherine participated in the
Everything Changed course
[read more about her experience  in her written testimonial  below]
Patricia Mayborne
Patricia participated in the
Everything Changed course & then worked through the accompanying book
'How To Change The Game'
[read more about the combined effect in her written testimonial below]

I wish I had come across this course 15 years ago!! I was longing for some sort of dialogue like this back then but I couldn’t find it anywhere. My life and the lives of my children might have been very different if I had been given the validation to change things that this course gives.


I really appreciated the logical sequence of the lessons as it resonated as absolutely sound sense.


I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone who is experiencing any kind of ongoing discomfort in their close relationships. My main reason for saying this can be summed up in one word: validation! This course says ‘You have a right to feel upset / angry / confused when experiencing abusive or disrespectful behaviour. Own it. You are worthy of respect and have the power to command it.’


I found your leadership wonderful Trish. I sensed commitment, passion, humour and vast amounts of genuine, warm caring coming from you – through the page and through the zoom sessions. That I experienced improvement in my course completion Self-Assessment scores of over 100 points (highest possible score: 520) compared to the one I completed before starting it is testament to the power of this course to effect change at the core. I can say that because since completing the course l have a significantly stronger sense of my own self-worth, and l can tell this is evident to the people around me.

Patricia Mayborne, UK

Having recently completed this 10 week online course with Trish I wanted to write about my experience of doing this work to express my gratitude for the amount of information and guidance received over the whole time.


Each week brought more insight and understanding to the patterns of behaviours I had used not only in the past that kept my life in a status quo that was quite uncomfortable on some occasions and downright dangerous on others! But how I recognised that there were still some things I needed to change and to tweak to get the best out of my relationships.


The initial pre-course assessment was enlightening and although I had quite high scores I felt that there definitely was more that I could be doing but felt stuck as to what that might be. I felt there would be a Eureka moment in there for me and decided to still go ahead with the course. I am glad I did!


Certain areas of my relationships still needed me to step up and look at my deal breakers, boundaries and where I still continued old patterns, the course offered clarity and deeper understandings and strategies to change these.


I have quite a high sense of my own worth, value, self-esteem and self-belief, but having done the course I can see how on my lower scores I have made real progress. I also know anyone who feels they need to gain or reconnect with their own self-esteem will most definitely benefit from doing this course as the materials really ask the right questions and make you think very differently about yourself as an individual with more power than you realise. 


The course notes, worksheets and prompts create a sense of real focus and keep you accountable to yourself for carrying out the steps you yourself put in place. Everyone’s life is different and so this is not a prescribed ‘take these twice a day’ but a more specific and 'unique to you' experience.


Trish also created a group for feedback and sharing of experiences through the week from one session to the next which is helpful and you don’t feel alone but part of a group of others who are experiencing the course with you and who support you fully.


I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to change the patterns of their relationships either with their most intimate relationship or with family, parents, children and friends.


Thanks again Trish, this course is really great!


Dee Twentyman, UK, Hypno-psychotherapist MSc(hons), DHyp(dist), MAPHP(Acc.)


I've done quite a lot of personal growth work in the past twenty years. Going through this course with Trish Brennan allowed me to revisit my history, and expand my awareness of past programming that's still with me. As a result I've gained new awareness of what my issues are, and learned new tools I can implement to change course in ways that are more supportive to me, allowing me to take more control over how I show up in my world, and to work towards building healthier relationships with others. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to go through the course with Trish. She is a wise and grounding guide on the journey.

Kaye Williams, Ecuador

'I've just done the (end of course) Self-Assessment form again and can see a big difference! Even reading the questions I realise how much I have learned.

I think doing the online sessions compared to doing them alone, I got a lot more out of it by talking it all through and gained deeper understanding about the meaning of it. It's made a big difference having been mentored through it, I think, rather than if I'd done it alone.

Thank you for all your time, help and advice Trish. The course has taught me so much and I've had a lot of life realisations, put pieces together and understand so much more about myself. I wish they taught stuff like this at school!!

I would recommend the Everything Changed course to anyone needing answers as to why they keep choosing bad partners, why they self destruct or feel like they're magnetically drawn to making bad decisions in and with relationships.'

Jo Elliott, UK

This course helped me shift my perspective on unresolved issues from the past and see that I was carrying quite a lot of unnecessary guilt. The materials were presented in such a way as to be extremely useful as an aid to looking at situations in new ways – very thought provoking.


From the start of the course, Trish was there for all of us, she was encouraging and supportive and it felt easy to reach out to her if ever you needed to. This course changes the way you see a lot of things, it challenges preconceptions and in helping you take a fresh look, new ways of thinking arise.

Overall, it was a very good course for self-reflection and reframing one’s own attitudes.

Rhiannon Hopkins, UK

Working with Trish is a gift that every woman (and yes, every man) should give themselves.


While openly and honestly sharing her own life experiences (during the Everything Changed course), Trish accompanies you through the depths of yourself in such a warm, trusting, inviting and inspiring manner that you find yourself discovering and sharing parts of yourself that had been hidden deep within for who knows how long. Her expertise at guiding you to finding those places is unusual and hard to find and with her guidance and support you can finally shine through and welcome the person you are, in all your strength and glory. The course helps illuminate lifelong patterns, enabling you to understand them, and yourself, so you can enjoy a new authentic and empowered You in all the situations and relationships you experience.


Working with Trish allows you to embrace the power to choose, and with that choice comes freedom. Thank you for all your marvellous work. May many benefit and may every success be yours. ❤️

Nabila Yakub, UK

This testimonial is quite short, not because there’s not lots to say, because there is absolutely loads in fact. But because what I essentially want to say is that this course will change the way you view your past, present and future way of being. It is all done under the compassionate, wise and non-judgemental guidance of the lovely Trish Brennan.


There are weekly zooms with lots of really interesting and thought provoking chat and review as well as guidance on the weekly sessions, which was invaluable for keeping me on track and engaged.


It can be, I find, a bit nerve wracking meeting new folk on online courses but I needn’t have worried, everyone was so lovely and supportive to each other, it was a real pleasure to meet them. I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up for this course. Thanks again.


Stephanie Deville, UK

Hi Trish and everyone, today I did my Module 10. I know I'm late. But I am happy, happy with the course. I love the Module 10 idea of Rewarding people with relationship. :-) Was great today to review the notes I wrote and to have this refresher. I calendared to do it again in a month. I think it's helpful to really implement the changes I am wanting. Really appreciate the course Trish.


Kaye Williams, Ecuador

I am forever grateful for the day that Trish and I struck a conversation for the first time and that was on Facebook.


What has followed is truly sisterly support and heartfelt guidance. At the time, I had just quit a three decade marriage that had turned abusive in every sense of the word.

Realizing that my life was now in real danger - I made the ultimate decision of my life. I packed up and together with my two daughters, left our home country in Africa and came to Northern America. We just left. And we arrived in a place where we knew nobody. Talk of challenges, we experienced so many. Most days I wondered if I had made the right decision. There were days when I did not want to get out of bed or even want to do anything. I took solace in social media and that’s how I met Trish.

She has taught me that there is life after domestic abuse and violence. I had survived the violence but Trish has made me a thriver. I looked forward to our weekly meetings in which she delivered the tools that I so desperately needed. And I did the work required.

Week by week I became stronger and more resilient. Whenever I feel that I am slipping back, I go to her book (How To Change The Game) and refer to the chapter regarding the emotions (I was experiencing) at the time and I manage to get through. Not only that, whenever I reach out to Trish, she is always available. There has never been a time that I have reached out to her where she failed to respond. It makes me wonder how many hours she has in her day because I am sure in as much as she supports me, she does so for others as well.

Every woman (and the men who can handle it) needs this course - to navigate the day to day challenges of life (after abuse). If I had these tools earlier on, I believe I would have set better boundaries. Resilience is my nature.


Catherine Opondo, Canada

Trish Mayborne's Written Testimonial
Catherine Opondo's Written Testimonial
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