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Empowering girls to feel safe, confident &
secure in their own judgment around
potential boyfriends - and to:
Learn to recognise signs of controlling behaviour & move away from it
Understand their rights to autonomy, freedom of choice, to say (& uphold) a 'No'
Become a much more effective & assertive
communicator who gives out clear messages about her needs, wants & decisions
Develop increased self-awareness & understand the power of non-verbal communication


10 Keys To Owning Your Power In Relationships

& Building Rock Solid Self-Esteem

A Confidence & Relationship Empowerment Course For Girls

Are you experiencing aggressive, abusive and/or controlling behaviour from a boyfriend?

More and more young women are finding themselves in relationships with young men who behave in disrespectful, abusive and controlling ways. There are many reasons why young men behave this way but it's important that girls and young women know how to recognise the signs of this, and to develop the skills to be able to ensure they know how to extricate themselves from this kind of situation.


Even if she determines to stick with it and see how it goes, it's equally important that she develops an understanding of her own unconscious patterns, builds up her own resources and self-esteem so that she can learn how to protect herself from becoming trapped in such a relationship.


10 Keys To Owning Your Power In Relationships

& Building Rock Solid Self-Esteem



will help even young women entering into the domain of intimate relationships for the first time to know how to create positive and nurturing connections and/or to know how to leave one that is showing signs of becoming abusive. It is a Confidence & Relationship Empowerment Course for teenage girls and young women – a 10 step programme that will show a young woman how to stand in her power and autonomy in relationships and make good decisions about who she chooses to enter into relationship with.

This is a 10 Module course, delivered over 12 weeks in live sessions (connect with us to discuss this) or online via Zoom (or at her own pace via our Online Training Academy (coming soon: please connect with us via the Contact page to find out more about this.)


She’ll learn the 10 immensely powerful steps that she can take to stand in her power in her relationships, beginning this very day.

This life-changing course is for anyone who wants to:

Develop a much more positive self-image

Sky-rocket their confidence

Move away from manipulative, controlling & abusive behaviour

Understand & master their unconscious patterns to create lasting change

Learn how to communicate self-assurance & self-respect without even speaking

Create & set clear boundaries to improve all of their relationships

Take ownership of their power in relationships & create true equality

Re-define the acceptable terms of relationship

Massively increase their self-belief

Become empowered to create positive changes in all areas of their life

Course Delivery Format Info

10 Modules Deliverable as follows

10 Weekly Workshops

(delivered to a group of up to 15 participants at your own site

or at a suitable local facility)

(can be delivered in schools or colleges for teenage girls)

10 Session Online Course

(complete at own pace / can be accessed independently)

10 Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

(with a group of up to 10 participants)

To find out more, discuss how the Everything Changed course could fit into your provision or book your own course/s ..

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