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1-2-1 Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Trish Brennan is wonderfully warm and naturally intuitive and brings with her an instant aura of calm. I attended one of her workshops and thoroughly enjoyed it. She was born to do this work!

Tracy Hollowood

I did a number of coaching sessions with Trish to help with some big challenges I was going through in my life. I found her to be very supportive, empathic, non-judgemental and upbeat. She really helped me to get back in the saddle and feel more positive about the future.

John G, Clinical Scientist

My name is Lyndsey. Trish did some one to one coaching and hypnotherapy with me for anxiety and stress. I’d gone through some big changes in my life and found a lot of the confidence I used to feel had disappeared and after hearing about a confidence workshop Trish was involved in running locally, it seemed like the perfect solution. I found the whole experience very uplifting and booked some further sessions with her as a result. I felt much calmer in myself, more positive about the future and less anxious and self-conscious after working with her. I can definitely recommend her.

LG, Stockport

Trish is a skilled hypnotherapist and a good friend of mine. She did a wonderful relaxation on me and I felt like I was floating on air for the rest of the day. We need to bottle that stuff Trish – it was awesome.

Sherena Pennington, Gatley

I had some sessions of hypnosis with Trish for stress. I feel like it’s made a real difference. I feel happier and calmer, and I’ve been able to use the techniques she taught me to manage my own stress levels on a day to day basis. It also helped me to make positive changes in my life. I’d recommend working with her to anyone.

Anna F, Stockport

I had some coaching support with Trish following a traumatic time in my life to help me get through it. I felt she really understood how I was feeling, that she was empathetic and encouraging and it really helped me to stay positive and look forward.

Kate R, Stockport

Testimonials for

Other Writing Projects

Preface to

'A Call To Rise'

(coming soon ..)

Here is my review of the 1st chapter of 'A Call To Rise' by Trish Brennan. Would love to read the book! Like the majority of us, Trish Brennan is the sort of woman who shakes her head in disbelief around macho expressions of what it is to be male. The thing with Trish is she is prepared to do something about it – for all our sakes. Maybe that’s because she is a mother who loves her sons dearly and a youth and community coach who knows it simply doesn’t have to be this way. Then again, maybe it’s because she has the golden insight for the next step on the road to being human and feels compelled to use it to help more of us wake up to what we can each do to shift our social paradigm onto a more harmonious frequency.


Trish and I have worked together on changing outlooks to effect changes in behaviour and improve outcomes. She has a deep understanding that the problems with delinquent youth behaviour is not, as people often think, simply with young people, so much as it is often to do with the role models (or lack of!) that they have grown up with. She understands that the key shift will only come about when adults change their mindsets as to what – and where – the problems really begin. Trish’s contribution to the self and collective examination that is needful for humanity to experience the best in itself is an important one. It has the potential to kickstart a conversation that will take us deeper into our own wholeness – but it can only do that if people engage with it. My advice to you is – engage with it.

Rev. David Gray, Growing Faith in Community, St. Francis Monastery, Gorton, UK


Funny and very clever.

Jackie Brennan


I loved the first chapter as it is very thought provoking and keen to see how the rest of it will play out. As one of those who has awakened to a different way of being I agree many women are leading this new thinking revolution and in time I believe this will have long reaching consequences. I too have seen more men awakening too without fully understanding it, but realising they are very much part of the solution and with this new identity which they seem comfortable to embrace, together with women they can start to change themselves and influence their immediate circle of friends and family by just being the new found “true self” they have awakened too.I love the style of your writing as it’s like a conversation and shows exactly how our minds come move around but always within the context of the point being made. Some men, such as those who have already commented are working to help masculinity resurface itself in our men as so many of them are lost in this new paradigm and I hugely encourage it as our masculine energy is very important in women too. So, I would encourage you not to tweak or change anything as one with an open heart, a masculine female and proud of it, stays stick with your true self as that is the true expression we want to see in the book and not to please anyone but what is real and true to you. Other men who may have read it understand, read it with from the right intention and can see where you are coming from. Keep going and remember a book cannot be judged by its cover and right now it is just that – a sneak, tiny preview of something that looks amazing! Namaste!

Tamar Peters

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