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Some of The Benefits of
Badass Boundaries
Training For Schools
* Assertive communication
* Enhanced consequential thinking
* Improved self-confidence
* Discernment about choice of friends
* Increased emotional maturity
* Greater respect for self & others
* More cooperative, compassionate
  & responsible in relationships



The Language Of The Future

Badass Boundaries


Empowering Young People

To Know How To Speak It Confidently & Effectively!

Boundaries Training for young people greatly enhances social skills, communication ability, self-esteem and resilience and encourages the development of positive relationships

Some of The Skills Learned on the Badass Boundaries Programme

  • To communicate assertively and kindly so that potential defensiveness and conflict is greatly reduced

  • Enhanced ability to consider the ecology of each situation in regard to setting, communicating and upholding personal boundaries

  • To take responsibility for desired communication outcomes (and by association, the thoughts, feelings and behaviour that influence them)

  • To use responsible language in communications

  • To evaluate, understand and manage emotions in relation to the communication

  • To be discerning about who to engage in relationship with

  • How to establish healthy boundaries

  • To recognise that establishing healthy boundaries also invites others to do the same, thereby supporting the development of more respectful relationships

  • How to engender greater self-respect and respect for others

  • To better understand how to create and maintain good relationships; and when to walk away

  • To develop a better understanding of the impacts of bullying and social exclusion

  • How to build internal resourcefulness to guard against becoming a victim or a perpetrator of bullying

  • Much more ..

To discuss your requirements about Boundaries training for schools

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